Il ragazzo che si trasforma in Spiderman per regalare un sorriso ai piccoli malati terminali

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Li abbraccia e porta loro dei giocattoli prima di lasciarli andare per sempre. Ogni bambino in cuor suo, sogna di incontrare un supereroe. Questa è la storia di Ricky Mena che si trasforma in Spider man per regalare un sorriso ai piccoli malati terminali.

Li abbraccia e porta loro dei giocattoli prima di lasciarli andare per sempre. Ogni bambino in cuor suo, sogna di incontrare un supereroe. Questa è la storia di Ricky Mena che si trasforma in Spiderman per regalare un sorriso ai piccoli malati terminali.

E pensare che tutto è iniziato dopo un sogno. Ricky Mena è un ragazzo di trentaquattro anni, nel 2014 ha fatto uno strano sogno che ha cambiato il corso della sua vita.

“In sogno ho incontrato mia nonna, morta solo pochi mesi prima. Lei mi ha messo un braccio sulla spalla e mi ha detto che aveva qualcosa da mostrarmi. Mi ha portato verso una vecchia scuola dove veniva proiettato un film. Un uomo vestito da supereroe camminava in un ospedale e li trovava centinaia di bambini attaccati ai tubi. Portava giocattoli e scattava foto: i bambini era felici. Ho guardato mia nonna e le ho chiesto cosa avesse a che fare tutto questo con me. Mi ha guardato e mi ha detto: questo sei tu e quando ti sveglierai questo è ciò che farai”.

Turbato dal sogno, Ricky Mena ha deciso di seguire il destino imposto dalla nonna. Ha venduto la sua Chrysler 300 e si è fatto cucire un vestito da Spider man, dopo il rifiuto di diversi ospedali a causa della sua mancanza di esperienza con i bambini, il ragazzo ha avuto la sua prima occasione.

This is AJ and he’s 4 years old. Ive posted about him a few times already. Since age 2 he’s been repeatedly having seizures (lasting sometimes 14 minutes). He was diagnosed with epilepsy. After all the hospital stays he’s needed, including all the cost for meds and ambulance rides, the bills have been piling up! His mother @na_i_got_this recently reached out to me very distraught and in tears saying the insurance company is not covering some of the medical treatment he’s received and is not covering any of the ambulance rides at all. This is a family that deserves to focus on the well being of their child and NOT financial expenses associated with it. If the insurance companies wont help, maybe we can!!! I ask all of you who have a few extra dollars to make a donation to AJ’s Gofundme (link in my bio). It would mean the world to an amazing little boy and the incredible family who does everything they can to ensure he’s ok. Thank you all in advance! #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #AJstrong #HelpAJ #Unity #Love #Donate #Light #Prayers #Blessings #Faith #Hope #Community #strength #ForTheChildren #ForTheKids

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#Repost @heartofaheroinc (@get_repost) ・・・ When you’re in the trenches of a spiritual warfare stepping between children and all that threatens to steal their childhood, everything else becomes a blur. All the IV poles, tubes, machines, and hospital beds disappear somewhere in the distance and its just you and the angels you stand at the foot of. The darkness doesn’t exist between us when the light beaming from their smiles stretches beyond us and lights the universe like a lighthouse guiding the lost back to the path. Tears, as painful as they may be, are temporary and will never echo as wide and as far as laughter will. So I am here to assist you in slaying the darkness and igniting the joy that lies dormant within you. Im here to awaken the strength you already contain and reinforce the beliefs you already know about yourself. Silencing doubt and amplifying bravery, we smile! ? Thank you Sutter Childrens Sacramento for allowing us to meet your amazing littles today ? Stay tuned for more posts of todays awesome visits ✊ God Bless ? #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #SutterChildrens #Sacramento #Ca #love #Light #Inspire #Motivate #Blessings #Prayers #Smiles #hope #Faith #God #Sutter #forthekids #bravery #Courage #empower #Inspire

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Dear love, You cannot stay with me. As you filled my heart, veins, lungs, and every fiber of my being at birth, I grew to see, the world needed you more than I. Your strength can overpower any amount of hate, doubt, struggle, and or darkness yet this earth hasn’t known you like I have enough to let you in. To trust in you. To place faith in you by letting go. With time, you’ve whispered the beauty of your essence to my hearts ear, and I heard you in the vibrations to my core. We’ve become so close, I almost believe that im the physical representation of you. Unified as one working in perfect unison. Hospital after hospital, we’ve walked the hallways lighting paths for angels seeking guidance through the darkness. As much as you are a part of me, you do not belong to me. One day, it will be my turn to close my eyes and drift away into an eternal resting place beyond this realm but the pieces of you I shared will live on in the hearts of those we’ve reached. You’ll plant yourself like a seed and grow until the world finds you familiar and THERE, I will live. Not my name, my image, my accomplishments, or my failures. Just my message embedded in the euphoric, exlierating feeling of indescribable LOVE. ✊ Thank you God. For this life is an opportunity to share love that is proof of your existence. ? Amen, God Bless, and Goodnight ? (picture of Jacqui posted with permission of her mother Hester Booth Gooding). #HeartofaHero #LOVE #GOD #Miracles #Life #LifeIsAnOpportunity #WWJD #Inspire #RickyMena #PoetryInMotion #Hope #Faith #Light #Guidance #GloryBeToGod #Leader #Prayers #Blessings #Share #ShareYourLove #NoMoreHate #Peace #ForTheKids #ForTheChildren #InspireOthers #Motivate

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“L‘ospedale mi aveva detto che non potevo fargli visita, ma la mamma del bimbo mi ha chiesto: lavori per l’ospedale o per Dio? Ho risposto: per Dio. Questo mi ha permesso di far visita al mio primo bambino nascondendo il costume nello zainetto, cambiandomi nel bagno vicino alla stanza, e correndo al suo fianco”.

La sua prima missione era compiuta e da quel momento Spiderman non ha più smesso di portare un sorriso ai bimbi, accanto a quelli che hanno disabilità ci sono anche i piccoli malati terminali.

Today we ventured out to Watsonville California to visit Amesti Elementary! I walked into 4 different classrooms to meet so many children and boy were they excited to see spidey! I had a chance to talk to the kids about what I do for other children, how everyone has the ability to be a hero, and even answered spiderman related questions. All in all it was a great time! To see the excitement in all the children truly made my day. Especially when I was surrounded by a mob of kid spidey fans on the playground as I made my way out ? Thank you Amesti Elementary for welcoming my presence! God Bless world! #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #AmestiElementary #Watsonville #Ca #School #ForTheKids #ForTheChildren #Love #Smiles #hope #Faith #Blessed #peace #HumanKindness #Light #Faith #Grateful #Thankful #happy #awesome #heroes

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Yesterday’s fundraiser was a success! I can’t thank the “Sexy Senior Sisters of Antioch” Enough for hosting such a good time. The hard work and effort they put into this event left such a great feeling in my heart. I was so happy to meet new children from my community and interact with some little ones who I’ve know for some time now! It still feels good to hear “You’re so good with the kids” even after 3 1/2 years of doing this. After everything ive seen, been a part of, and have been through, I’m proud to suit up and stand tall in honor of all kids around the globe! The fundraisers are pivotal in me being able to continue this another year and beyond. So come on out to the next one when you see me post about and if you missed it, you can donate by clicking the link in my bio to ensure the good times never stop for kids fighting big battles! Thank you all and God Bless! #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #SexySeniorSistersOfAntioch #Fundraiser #Fundraising #Donate #ForTheKids #Love #Blessings #Prayers #Smiles #Hope #inspire #God #light #Pittsburg #antioch #ContraCosta #support #Thankful #Grateful #KeepItGoing #Community #Unity

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When times are trying and seemingly impossible, its ok to feel low. Its normal to feel weak. After all, we’re only human, right?! But being human in itself is the gift. You see, it isnt our vulnerability that makes us strong; it makes us strong-er. Without trial, without tribulation, we wouldn’t grow. We cant evolve. There would be no caterpillar to butterfly transformation to be made. We’d stay the same and pure survival would be our purpose but, thats NOT the case. We were given pain as a gift to gauge our boundaries and from there, push out limits! And YES we’re humans and not JUST humans but, the humans that have built and engineered monsterous bridges and skyscrapers. Humans that have gone to space and haved explored galaxies beyond our own via technology WE’VE created with the power of our minds. Humans that have been tested by mother natures bacteria and disease only to constantly overcome it all with advancements in medicine, none of which could have been done without great loss, failure, and or setbacks. So the next time You’re down and life feels heavy, remember how human you are and how incredibly blessed you are to be. Your vulnerability IS the miracle and you’ll rise again. I promise. ?? God Bless a d Good Morning #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #saratogasubacute #Subacute #Love #Blessings #ImOnlyHuman #Powerful #Light #God #DivineLight #Goals #Miracles #prayers #inspire #Encourage #Empower #GoBeGreat

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Ora Ricky Mena ha una sua fondazione, Heart of a Hero, raccoglie fondi per comprare giocattoli e per stare accanto ai bimbi, oltre che finanziare la ricerca.

La dimostrazione che i supereroi esistono davvero!

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